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Career Confusion

I haven't posted in a while, probably because we've not really been anywhere of note really and I was, in essence, trying to keep the niche of the blog quite specific.

However things have been really busy workwise, which is brilliant, but I'm having a total crisis of identity of who I am career-wise and how I want to define myself.

See, being a writer isn't necessarily a specific job. I write things and I get paid for them, I write things and I enjoy doing it. But there are so many different types of writing that I feel like I'm straddling about three industries at once. Each has their own pros and many have their own cons.

Please accept my apologies for this massive brain-dump!

Recent posts

A stroll along the seaside - Southsea, Hampshire

So in order to go somewhere, we need to start somewhere. The place that we start our journeys is Portsmouth in Hampshire.

Living by the seaside really has its benefits and we try, whenever we can, to get the kids down to the wonderful seafront.

Southsea is so much more than a seaside as well, it is is own microcosm of culture, food, art and more. I'd like to explore Southsea, bit by bit, for those either who want to come here (or even those that have been here a while!) to discover and explore it for themselves.

Blissful in Brighton

I grew up on the south coast of England. Brighton was a place that was always close by, but for whatever reason seemed too big and too far for my teenage brain to comprehend.
Last year, for his birthday, I bought my husband a night photography course along Brighton seafront.  And, as part of my new way forward to clear any FOMO from being a travel writer, I booked up a cheap room at the Jury’s Inn by Brighton train station.
The thinking behind it was that we would load the kids up on the train and go. Incidentally, we ended up taking the car for the 1.5-hour drive and parked overnight at the Trafalgar Street carpark for £16.